Keystone Progress Political Action Committee

The Keystone Progress PAC is a Pennsylvania state political action committee working to elect progressive candidates.


You can contribute to the PAC here.


Candidates running for office in Pennsylvania in 2014: our endorsement application is available here.


 Contributions to KPPAC are not tax deductible.


Here is the list of current endorsements:


State Senate

Christine Tartaglione (D, SD 2, Philadelphia)
Steve Cickay (D, SD 10, Bucks County)

Jack Hansen (D, SD 24, Bucks, Lehigh,Montgomery, Northampton)
Linda Small (D, SD 28, York County) 
Mark Aurand (D, SD 40, Monroe, Northampton)
Kathi Cozzone (D, SD 44, Berks, Chester, Montgomery Counties)


State House

Frederick Sheeler, (D, HD 5, Berks County)
Pete Schweyer, (D, HD 22, Lehigh)
Rep. Ed Gainey (D, HD 24, Allegheny County)
Josh Maxwell, (D, HD 74 (Chester)

Maureen Madden (D, H115 Monroe County)
Laura Dickson, (D, HD 117, Columbia, Luzerne, Wyoming)
Patti Borger, (D, HD 122, Carbon)
Michael Beyer, D, HD 131 (Lehigh, Northampton)

Rep. Mike Schlossberg (D, HD 132, Lehigh County)
Rep. Mark Painter, (D, HD 146 (Montgomery)
Rep. Stephen McCarter, (D, HD 154, Montgomery County)

Susan Rzucidlo, (D, HD 158, Chester County)
Whitney Hoffman, D, HD 160 (Chester, Delaware)
Vince Rongione (D, HD 163, Delaware County)

Rep. Mike O’Brien (D, HD 175, Philadelphia)

Rep. Brian Sims (D, HD 182, Philadelphia)
Terri Powell, (D, HD 183, Lehigh, Northampton)

Liz Forrest (D, HD 189, Monroe, Pike Counties)
Rep. Rosita Youngblood (D, HD 198, Philadelphia)
Rep. Mark Cohen (D, HD 202, Philadelphia)